Friday, February 20, 2015

Mayuri Indian Cuisine - Santa Clara

Second round with dosa - the thin pancake
This restaurant is close to where we live and we have passed by numerous times. The first few times I thought it was a Japanese restaurant due to its name. But it turned out that Mayuri means peacock which is the national animal of India.

We called ahead of time and inquired about their lunch buffet just to make sure that it was available that day. It was Sunday after Valentine's day so there were not too many people in the establishment. But later I found out that there was a separate entrance next door where there was some sort of party happening. And the inside of the restaurant is huge and there was another party at the back side almost in a private area.

The food selection was a lot and different from other Indian buffet that we have been to. I only tried the chili chicken from the non vegetarian dishes and it was awesome. The selection for the vegetarian dishes were also quite various which most of them I didn't know.
First round with biryani dum, chili chicken, veggie pakkora, etc

I saw on Yelp that they served dosa which I was curious about since I've never tasted it before. But I didn't see it and they didn't ask whether we wanted it (like they did with the naan). So when our waiter came to refill the water I asked him and he said yes just ask for it at the back. And I was like "huh ?". So it was at the back there where all the other dishes were. How could I missed it completely ?

So when I went back for my second round I opened everything and read all the name tag just to make sure I didn't miss anything. But just when I was about to give up and went back to my table, the waiter that I talked to earlier came and asked if I wanted my dosa. He then went and asked someone who made it at a station. Why didn't they just made it when I asked about it. Seriously. Anyhow, I was grateful that he told me about it. I got to try dosa