Sunday, April 19, 2015

Revisited : Cheon Joo Young-yang Dolsot - Santa Clara

We've been to this restaurant about 2 years ago. A few days ago when we felt like having gamja tang (Korean pork bone soup) we thought of this restaurant. Located at a corner just next to Galleria market in the Lawrence Plaza. The location of this restaurant isn't very obvious. The name is a mouthful for a non-Korean like me. But if you are looking to try any Korean stew/soup that is normally not served at your typical Korean restaurant this is the place you definitely need to check out.

Our first visit there we ordered bul nak ji jeongol (beef and octopus casserole). It basically a stew with beef, octopus pieces, udon noodle and zucchini. Very nice and a bit spicy. This time we ordered gamja tang jeongol (pork bone with potato stew). This order is pretty big and good for at least 2 people (or more). The lady took our order and left to prepare the stew. She came back with a portable stove and utensils. She also brought us our side dishes (ban chan). I was hungry so I started to chew on the side dishes.

This is the second time we had gamja tang at a Korean restaurant. I have made it numerous times at home. But I'm no Korean so my version of gamja tang is pretty skewed. ha..ha..That's why I wanted to try the Korean version again to get the feel of the real thing !
side dishes : black soybean ?, radish kimchee, cucumber, soybean sprout,spicy fish cake, pea sprout.

The broth of this gamja tang was rich and I think had been cooked long time. We were served a very generous amount of pork bones with only a small amount of potato and a bit of dried veggies that I am not familiar with. This gamja tang tasted more home cooked than the first version we had in Vancouver, Canada.

In the end we had enough left over to bring home for dinner. I think the portion would be enough for 3 people. Or even 4 people if we order another dish to compliment it.

Cheon Joo Young-yang Dolsot
3519 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95051   (408) 244-4002