Monday, August 3, 2015

Kotetsu - Santa Clara

Original kuro ramen @ Kotetsu
After a failed ramen experience, I decided to check out a different ramen place. This time I chose Kotetsu in Santa Clara. One time we passed by this ramen place and it wasn’t even opened yet but there was already a line outside. The pictures on Yelp looked inviting so I was glad that we finally had a chance to check it out.

We got there at around 8 pm on Monday. There was no line outside which I thought was good. Maybe we could be seated immediately since I was hungry already. But no, we had to put our names on the wait list and waited for about ten minutes.

Inside was quite spacious for a ramen place. We got one of the booth seating. I made up my mind already from reading all the Yelp reviews. I went for Shiro light. Hubby and his friend went for Kuro original. For appetizer we ordered the chicken karaage
Light version shiro @ kotetsu

I actually thought our orders took longer to arrive. I noticed the guy that was sitting by himself next to our table got his order first and we got there and ordered first. Maybe it was our chicken karaage that was taking forever to arrive so the chef decided to slow down our ramen as to not make it too obvious. We were half way through the ramen and I was about to ask the waitress when the karaage showed up.
karaage - fried chicken with batter

Okay, let’s talk about the ramen. My light version wasn’t very light in my opinion. I was worry that it may be too light that it tasted just like water with too thin noodle since everybody said on Yelp that the noodle is thinner. But, in my opinion the noodle was completely normal size ramen noodle. The original version noodle was actually bigger than normal size ramen noodle. And because of the thickness of it, some people in our group thought it tasted like it wasn’t cooked through.

My verdict was the light version was good. But skipped the karaage. Nothing special. Fried chicken with batter served with mayo. We may not even go back because my next round of ramen would be at Orenchi.

2089 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95050
408 557 0822