Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Las Cazuelas - San Jose

combo chile relleno and pork tamale
Haven’t had any Mexican food for quite a while so last weekend I craved Mexican food and I talked hubby into it. We looked around our neighborhood and found one on Race street. The location on Race street is just off Alameda so it’s quite a good location. But it’s street parking only. The good thing is the location is next to residential so parking wasn’t an issue.

The restaurant is located at a corner of Race and a smaller residential street so they have plenty of land at the side of the building for outdoor seating. We went in to order and paid and took our drinks and chips with salsa to the outdoor seating area. It was a nice day to be sitting outside.

As we enjoyed our chips, I noticed that there were a couple of tables that weren’t cleaned yet. I think there were only two ladies working. But our order came in a timely manner. I got my pozole with corn tortillas. A small plate had the shredded cabbage, onion and four lime wedges !! I didn’t think I would need so much lime, but I used all of them. The pozole initially looked like it got too much chili powder because it looked so red. But then I started eating and it tasted fine and yummy. No trace of anything powdery. There was enough pork in it and the pork was oh so tender.

pozole with generous pork
Hubby ordered the combo chile relleno and pork tamale. The combo came with rice bean and salad. He liked the chile relleno but didn’t quite enjoy the pork tamale. I tried both and they tasted deliciosos. The tamale had generous amount of tender seasoned pork. If I wasn’t too preoccupied with my pozole, I’ll finish the tamale off as well.

Good food and nice outdoor seating. For sure we’ll be back to try other dishes as well.

Las Cazuelas
55 Race Street
San Jose, CA 95126
408 293 0115