Sunday, August 2, 2015

Ramen Underground - San Francisco

spicy miso ramen @ ramen underground
We were in San Francisco with a friend from out of town for the SF Marathon. We happened to pass by this ramen place and decided to give it a try. We got there around 7. The place was tiny with maybe around 6 tables and a few more bar seating area. We put our names down and waited outside. It was starting to get chilly though it was a nice day earlier in the day.

The wait was maybe around 15-20 minutes. Since we waited for quite some time, we had enough time to study the menu and made up our minds. By the time we got seated at the bar, we were all ready with the order. I got a habanero ramen (yes, there is such thing). Hubby and his friend got spicy miso ramen. We got our hot tea which was so hot, even by the time I finished my ramen, the tea was still too hot for me to finish.

habanero ramen @ ramen underground - halfway through :)

My habanero ramen looked pretty plain compared to the spicy ramen hubby ordered. But in terms of spiciness, it was waaay up there. The broth itself was nice though I think it wasn’t pork based like some other ramen. But since the broth was too spicy, I couldn’t really enjoy it that much. The noodle was not chewy enough. And when I mentioned that, everyone else on our group agreed. Hubby’s friend though it tasted like pasta. The ramen came with spinach, mushroom and chicken breast tender meat. The chicken was tender but I guess I wasn’t expecting to have chicken with my ramen so it was a bit weird. When I first found that chunk of shredded chicken, I thought it was enoki. I think I would have appreciate it more had the chicken was enoki mushroom.

Hubby’s spicy ramen had a nice level of spiciness but he complaint that his broth was too oily for him. The topping was the same and he didn’t order additional topping which was available with additional charge.

I don’t think we would go back there again.

Ramen Underground
356 Kearny St
San Francisco, CA 94108
415 999 2503