Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thai Chili Cuisine - Santa Clara

chiang mai noodle @ Thai Chili Cuisine
We’ve been to this restaurant years ago. We decided to go back on one very hot weekend. It was around lunch time and when we walked in there were like 3 tables occupied. We were seated and given the menu. But then it took forever for them to come and took our order. I noticed that none of the patrons were eating yet. It was early but it seemed the kitchen maybe a bit slow. After about like 15 minutes and hubby was about to get upset, the lady that seated us finally came and took our order.

I ordered a Chiang Mai stir fry noodle and was surprised that she asked me how spicy I want it to be. I said spicy. She then told me that the spicy here is quite spicy. I told her as long as it’s not Thai spicy then I’m fine. Hubby ordered a pad kee mao and requested spicy as well. I was happy that they asked for the level of spiciness. I feel that stir fry noodle with chili would taste better than if you try to spice it up yourself after the dish was brought to the table.

pad kee mao with stingy amount of basil - didn't taste like pad kee mao

So when my noodle dish arrive I dove in and was happy because the level of spiciness was perfect. I have never had chiang mai noodle before. But this style of stir fry noodle utilized bean sprout, sliced carrot, and sliced cabbage. Hubby’s pad kee mao on the other hand seemed to be discounted of basil. With only very small amount of basil, the stir fry noodle tasted like pad see ew so he wasn’t too happy about it.

With that experience, I guess we won’t be back anytime soon. There were other thai restaurant that we could try in the other area.

Thai Chili Cuisine
1550 Halford Ave
Santa Clara, CA 95051
408 615 9199