Saturday, September 19, 2015

Silicon Valley Capital Club - San Jose

Recently my company had an event held at Silicon Valley Capital Club. It was on a Thursday afternoon during lunch time. I got there about 30 minutes earlier just because I live very close. Parking was a breeze and I found the venue place up on the 17th floor.

The venue for our event was at the corner of the 17th floor so with the amount of people close to 70 it felt crammed. Especially walking between the tables to get to the drinks area I was worry that someone might elbow me and my cup of coffee. That wouldn't be pretty.

Parking which I thought wasn't an issue for me since I arrived early. But my other coworkers found out that they had to use valet since they were no spots available. And valet pretty much just park . those cars behind the other cars. They do stay on the area close by so you could easily waive them to move a car so you could get out. Remind me of the way we park our cars in my country, Indonesia.

Venue had big glass doors that open to patio that would be nice to go out to in the evening just to enjoy the view of San Jose. But that day we happened to have 100 degree weather so I was happy to stay indoor and enjoy the air con.

When food finally came out I was excited to see what was served. The salad was a plate of shredded iceberg lettuce with scattered chopped green apple and pecan. Very boring plate of salad. Not much of variety of texture nor color.

I chose grilled salmon for my entree. The salmon came with some tamarind (?) sauce that was a bit sweet and tangy. For the side were buttered brown rice with poached mini carrot and asparagus. There's nothing much to say about the entree. It was borderline bland.

I think the appetizer was more interesting than the rest of the food. It was like a mini apple tart with a scoop of ice cream on top. I don't normally eat any dessert but since it was presented to me I thought it would be a waste if I didn't try it. It was sweeter than I would prefer but still quite interesting.

Silicon Valley Capital Club
50 W San Fernando St, San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 971-9300