Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Bandung Trip 2015 : Jakarta - Bandung

Because of my cousin's wedding, we got some relatives coming from Singapore. My dad planned a road trip to Bandung for them. A good chance to introduce Indonesia tourism. ha..ha..

We left early on Monday morning from the Pluit area of North Jakarta. We had to pick up our relatives who stayed at Hotel Indonesia Kempinski in the financial district area of Jakarta. There is a strict 3 person in a car rule imposed from 7-10 on weekdays for cars entering that area. We tried to beat that rule by getting to the hotel earlier.

Traffic was getting heavy and I was stressed out that we couldn't make it there on time. It's been a while for me to drive in that area. But we managed to get there and collected them on time. Next thing : hit the road baby !

First one and two hours of the road trip wasn't much to talk about. Traffic getting out of Jakarta especially when it came close to the industrial area in the suburb area of Bekasi and Cikarang was heavy. Then we started to see mountain and greeneries once we got on Cipularang highway.

By the time we exit Pasteur it's just almost the right time to have lunch. So my dad headed to Raja Sunda restaurant. I tailed behind.

Even though it was still early after lunch, we decided to head to our hotel anyway in Setiabudi area. I booked a few rooms for all of us through Agoda. The name of the hotel is Mercure Setiabudi hotel.

We spent a few hours resting. Then my dad took the guests to Sari Ater which is a hot spring resort. I opted out of it because I was tired and felt sleepy from lack of sleep. So me, hubby and my mom hung out in my parent's room.

That night we had dinner at a Jing Paradise, a Chinese restaurant next to hotel. Hung out a bit by the hotel swimming pool enjoying the chilly evening air of Bandung.