Friday, October 2, 2015

Paris Baguette - Santa Clara

Fruit shaved ice

We tried these dessert here at the peak of summer. During one of those heat wave days in Silicon Valley. But even that enjoying these shaved ice in the ac room made me chilled after a few spoonfuls.
Well being shaved ice
I am not a dessert person. So one order of this would be too much for me. But actually even though it may look pretty big, most of it was ice. Once you stir it, and the shaved ice melted, it's just water and syrup.

I think the fruit shaved ice got more to chew on with all the fruit toppings. The well being shaved ice looked like the dessert in Singapore called ice kachang which is normally served with red bean. But the only similarity was the red bean. The other accompanying items were different.

Ice kachang (from
Paris Baguette
Lawrence Square Shopping Center
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