Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Raja Sunda - Bandung, Indonesia

Located just off the Pasteur exit of Cipularang highway, this Raja Sunda restaurant was a perfect choice to stop by for visitors from Jakarta when entering Bandung. Parking isn't an issue because the restaurant has parking area in front and on the side of the restaurant. When we got there it wasn't really lunch time yet so parking was a breeze.

My parents have been here numerous times so my dad suggested to stop by there for our lunch. There were eight of us so I decided to get one of those lunch package for 4 and ordered additional dishes. The package include deep fried gourami fish, barbecue chicken, kangkung hotplate, deep fried squid, peanut fritters and veggie filled fried tofu. We added chicken satay and stir fry salted fish and bean sprout.

The chili paste (sambal) was good condiment to go with whatever dishes presented. The sambal was a balance combination of chili, onion, shrimp paste etc.

If you do stop by make sure to try the kangkung hotplate, barbecue chicken, deep fried gourami fish and chicken satay.

Raja Sunda
Jl. Terusan Pasteur No. 63, Jawa Barat
(022) 6037688