Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 1 : Jakarta - Penang via Singapore

This is the reason why we stopped by Changi airport : Hainamese chicken rice
Changi Singapore
On this trip we were going to go to Penang and Kuala Lumpur. We contemplated on either Jakarta-Penang-KL - Jakarta or the other way around. Looking at different flight options and different airlines before we decided to fly to Penang through Singapore instead. There were only so many direct flights from Jakarta to Penang while there were more from Singapore. Beside going through Changi gave us a chance to check out some food before we arrived in Penang.

We took the earliest flight offered by Air Asia and arrived at Changi at around 10 am. By the time we got to the employee cafeteria the food was just ready and waiting for us. If you are interested to check it out next time, the employee cafeteria is at Terminal 2 at level 3M. So when you're at Terminal 2 walk towards the parking area and then take the elevator to level 3. Get out of the elevator and take one flight of stairs to level 3M. I believe there was a sign indicating where the cafeteria is. And believe me, the food at the cafeteria are as good as any kopi tiams in Singapore. So if you're just transiting and didn't have time to go out to city but yet missed the Singaporean food just check out the employee cafeteria.

Terminal 1 where we checked-in for our flight to Penang didn't have the self check in kiosks yet so the line was pretty long. I was a bit worried that we might not make it in time. But then there was a shorter faster line for passengers without luggage like us. That was a big help.
Laksa @Changi employee cafeteria

Yong tau foo @ Changi employee cafeteria

We arrived at Georgetown, Penang just after 3 pm but it was so hazy and visibility was not very good. I remembered thinking to myself. Great, what a great vacation now that we had to spend it indoor due to the haze.
Hazy day when we arrived in Penang

We went to the cab counter and told the lady working there where we were going and paid RM48. With the receipt we walked to the line of taxis waiting outside. A guy showed us our taxi and I told our taxi driver the name of the hotel. But he looked confused. So I pulled out my hotel confirmation and showed him in case I didn't say the name correctly. Apparently he still didn't know where to go. But he didn't say it out loud though. He made a call to his taxi friend, I guess, who gave him direction.

We made it safely to our hotel on Jalan Perlis. Check in was no issue but I was surprised that the guy told us there was RM100 (about USD25) for deposit.

First Meal in Penang
We were going to be in Penang for about two full days only. With so many things to try and so little time, I came up with a food itinerary. The first thing on my itinerary was the traditional char koay teow at the corner of Anson Road and Siam Road which opens from 3 pm to 7 pm.

As soon as we were done settling down items in our hotel room, we walked out  the hotel to our first destination. Munlustay Hotel was chosen partially because it was close to a few must try items by a few food bloggers.

Unfortunately by the time we got there I thought I was on the wrong road. Until I saw the sign posted on one of the table at a corner street food court saying that the char koay teow man was off that day and would be back the following day. Darn it. Maybe it's not meant to be.

Okay. Plan can always change that's why I had back up. To the next item on my food itinerary. But as we were walking back, hubby saw this other food court and we decided to stop by. As luck was on our side, there was a char koay teow stall at this food court. So hubby ordered a plate and I just settled with drink. That char koay teow turned out to be his favorite char koay teow of all the others that we tried.

Dinner at New Lane Hawker Street
When I heard about New Lane Hawker Area I thought it would be like a food court setting kind of place. But it turned out to be road side hawkers setting with a few stalls gathering at the corner of Lorong Baru and Jalan Macalister. One of the items recommended was the fried oyster or ohr luak. Since I have no preference on any other items I ordered a small one for RM10 (USD 2.50) and hubby got a char koay teow from coffee shop there. A large char koay teow was RM7. We had both as take away and enjoyed them at our hotel room.
New Lane San Cafe char koay teow

Fried oyster (ohr luak)