Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 3 : Last Day in Penang

One of the famous Penang street art
Our last day in Penang wasn't exactly a full day. So more pressure to make the most out of it. As usual in Asia, it's always a good idea to start your day early when it's not hot and humid yet. By now we were pretty good at catching bus. For short distance each ride only cost RM1.4 (hardly USD 0.35). And where our hotel was located which was just off Jalan Dato Keramat seemed to be the major road passed by so many different bus route.

Breakfast at Chowrasta Market
Our plan that morning was to get to Chowrasta Market and get some fruits for breakfast. Just something light to get us going and catch something a bit heavier later on. So we got a vegetarian potato curry puff and a pack of jackfruit. The jackfruit was sweet and juicy and gave us energy to continue walking.

Street Art of Penang
I was too busy thinking and planning on our food itinerary and didn't really plan too much on sight seeing other than Kek Lok Si Temple (for the assam laksa actually). So now that most of the items on our list have been fulfilled I decided to venture out and check out the famous Penang Street Art. Just google Penang Street Art and you'll be able to get a list of the street art including the map of where they are located.

So with that map and also my smart phone, we walked away from Chowrasta Market and started our street art hunt. One good thing about starting out in the morning was not too many people around yet so taking pictures of any street art was easier. Less competition and less photo bombing.
Another famous Penang street art

Noodle Soup for Brunch
After the street art hunting we were ready for some real breakfast. My next item on the food itinerary was fish ball koay teow soup on Lebuh Carnarvon. But by the time we found it, the store was closed for the day. What ?! Okay, not to despair. I pulled out my smart phone and googled the next koay teow soup (aka koay teow th'ng). We then walked to the next address I found. It's just our luck that the next shop was just opening up. Huh ?? It's already close to 10 am.

We finally found our rice noodle soup at a Kim Lee coffee shop just behind Hong Leong Bank on Lorong Macalister just off Jalan Burma. The old man pouring soup to the rice noodle bowl was old and had a hunch back. I felt so bad looking at that old man with his face so close to the pot of hot soup.
Koay teow soup with sliced chili pepper on top

The bowl of piping hot rice noodle soup just filled the spot. The rice noodle was soft with the rich non greasy broth along with a few slices of pork and fish balls. Yum..yum. And it tasted way better since we went around looking for it.

Last Minute Shopping
Getting more energy after our brunch, we walked along Lorong Macalister to go back to our hotel. Finally decided to get some biscuit tambun which people said were unique gift from Penang. I have decided that those biscuit tambun deserves spot in my already overcrowded suitcase. We headed to Ban Heang on Lorong Baru. Got two smaller boxes of the original biscuit tambun. I was pretty sure that the girl who helped us would swear at us if she remembered that we were there two days earlier and left without buying anything after trying out.
Stack of Ban Heang tambun biscuit along with the tester

Last lunch in Penang
Hubby was so amazed by the char koay teow at Lok Pin Cafe that he insisted we went back there for the last time before we left for the airport. So we went back to our hotel and packed our items and checked out. We left our luggage with the front desk and walked to get our lunch.
Chicken rice half eaten and char koay teow waiting to be downed

Plate of roast chicken, roast pork and steam chicken to go with chicken rice

Hubby ordered a plate of char koay teow and I ordered two portion of chicken rice to be shared. That was the first time I tried chicken rice in Penang. I should say that I actually liked it. Chicken rice wasn't my first choice normally when we ate at a coffee shop. I would prefer something soupy. But this chicken rice had fragrant rice but not greasy. The smell was quite subtle. And I had no complain on the chicken nor pork roast.

That was it for our trip to Penang. We took a cab to the airport and continued to our next leg of trip which was Kuala Lumpur.

Chowrasta Market
Jalan Penang and Jalan Chowrasta

Street Art of Penang
PDF file with map

Kim Lee coffee shop
Koay teow th'ng (koay teow soup)
Lorong Macalister off Jalan Burma (behind Hong Leong Bank)

Ban Heang snack shop

Lok Pin Cafe
(char koay teow, chicken rice)
72-B Jalan Anson, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia