Sunday, November 22, 2015

Food of Penang

Our first trip to Penang this time was more focused on food. Our itinerary was built around where to eat and what to eat. Then the sightseeing part was just the filler.

Char koay teow
Char koay teow is a stir fry rice noodle almost similar to the thai rad na. But Penang char koay teow usually served a bit spicy. So if you don't like it spicy as not to put chili in it.

Talk about char koay teow everybody has different opinion on which was considered the best char koay teow. So this time we decided to try a few especially the recommended ones. We had chance to try four different locations and these were the verdict by hubby :

#4 Kimberley Street char koay teow
This stall was located in front of  Sin Guat Keong coffee shop and popular as the char koay teow with the mantis prawn. When hubby ordered though he declined the mantis prawn. This char koay teow was on the wet side with only egg, bean sprout and 1 prawn. No chives.

The stall was busy when we were there. They employed 2 additional persons other than the chef and the sous chef. But our order was delivered pretty fast. I think a plate set us back RM4.50.

#3 Jalan Siam char koay teow
This one was labelled as traditional char koay teow cooked with charcoal. The stall was on the road side closer to Jalan Anson. If you choose to eat in you can enjoy it at the kedai kopi Hock Ban Hin across the street.

I actually had high anticipation for this especially since we waited for one hour.The size for the big one wasn't much bigger than other places we've been to. For RM6 we got a decent size (not big) plate of fragrant stir fry noodle. It was better looking than the Kimberley Street one and had balance combination of egg, chinese sausage and prawn. Bean sprouts and chives were included.

#2 San Cafe char koay teow
We came across this as we were looking for dinner on New Lane hawker street. This cafe was at the end of the street. We ordered a big char koay teow for RM7. In term of taste, this one was very similar to the Jalan Siam one. But since this order only took ten minutes wait, it got number 2 on our list.

San Cafe
Corner of Lorong Baru and Jalan Macalister

#1 Lok Pin cafe char koay teow
This one was also an accidental found but turned out to be the best according to hubby. It was spicy enough to his liking and fried drier than the other char koay teow versions. The prawns given were generous amount along with bean sprouts and chives. Every spoonful seemed to have a balance of rice noodle, sprouts and chives.
This one was the winner - good combination of prawns, bean sprouts, chives and noodle

Lok Pin Cafe
72-B, Jalan Anson, George Town, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia

Chicken rice/Hainam chicken rice
Actually chicken rice wasn't on our list as must try items in Penang. But just as it turned out we ran into a few of these stalls during our 3 day stay. Hubby loves chicken rice so he couldn't say no when he came across any chicken rice.

Jalan Burma and Lorong Kinta
We just happened to walk pass this area and noticed this stall that sells chicken rice. Hubby insisted that we should stop to try. So we did. The lady asked if he wanted everything : steam chicken, roast chicken and roast pork. And I saw that she served the other order with some brown broth on the rice. But hubby only got the chicken and no broth on rice. Rice was not as oily as the Singaporean chicken rice.

Lok Pin Cafe
This one happened to be at hubby's favorite char koay teow place so we went back again on our last day. And while there we decided to try a stall that sells chicken rice. This one too have the chicken rice served with steam chicken, roast chicken and roast pork. Since we asked for the meat to be separated from the rice then I noticed the meat dish came with soy sauce broth. I guess that's Penang style chicken rice.

Penang Assam Laksa
Penang assam laksa was one of the items that I think one should try when visiting Penang. Though because of the tangy flavor and a hint of fishiness some people may be deterred from trying.

Ayer Itam assam laksa
This assam laksa was featured on Anthony Bourdain's program about Penang. So it straight away made it to my list.

This assam laksa though in my opinion wasn't fishy especially because of all the herbs used like mint leaves and shallot. The lettuce leaves just added crunchiness to the whole bowl and gave the fresh taste to the bowl of laksa.

Lorbak was something new that I never heard of before. But it looked so appetizing that I quickly put it on must try list.

Kheng Pin cafe
20,16 Jalan Penang (cross street Jalan Sri Bahari), George Town 10050 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
The lorbak here was labeled as the best or one of the best in Penang. Lorbak was different types of deep fried items served with a sweet type brown color sauce and chili sauce. Tofu, meat wrap in tofu skin were among items served. If you know which one you would like then let the uncle know otherwise let him pick a few items for you just let him know for how many people.

Famous Teochew Chendul
I wasn't going to put this on my list worrying that we may not have time. But then one day we happened to be in the Prangin Mall and saw on outlet there. We tried the original version and I had to agree that this dessert deserved to be on the must try list.

I guess the original location was on Penang Road and Lebuh Keng Kwee. Make sure to check it out. I am not a dessert type person but I think this chendul was unique. It has a bit savory kick to it. Yum.