Sunday, November 22, 2015

Penang to Kuala Lumpur : First Day in Kuala Lumpur

Flight from Penang to Kuala Lumpur was 1 hour. We spent most of it sleeping - still jet lag and catching up on sleep. Most of the times in Penang I woke up early around 5, looking at itinerary for the day and making last minute changes on our plan.

KLIA Express
So by the time we arrived at KLIA 2 we were both fresh and ready to go. The walk from the terminal to the KLIA express station was quite far. Since we were not familiar, I was worry that we went the wrong direction. But then every so often another sign would show up pointing a direction to the KLIA express. That was helpful.
Inside KLIA Express

The KLIA express ticket cost RM35. We paid cash. So I don't know if it's possible to pay with credit card. We were given receipt and 2 cards. The cards work like most other MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) ticket, just insert it at the gate and it will open. Make sure to pick up the ticket so you could use it to go out when you get to your destination.

The trip from KLIA2 to KL Sentral Station took about 30 minutes. The train was pretty good compared to Caltrain. We couldn't help thinking how quiet this train compared to Caltrain. There was upper head compartment enough to put a decent size bag pack.

KL Sentral
When we arrived at KL Sentral Station I was amazed to see the size of the station and also the amount of people milling around there. It was Saturday afternoon so every one were out and about going from one area to another. And KL Sentral Station as it said in the name is a central for all different types of mass transit available. The one we were going to catch was called KL Monorail which was going to take us to the Bukit Bintang area. Other transit like KTM Komuter which was a commuter train also goes through this KL Sentral Station.
KL Sentral Station - this one taken on the tuesday - the day we left

We walked through the station followed the signs and found our way safely to the KL Monorail station. Bought our tickets from one of the vending machine and made it to the platform. Just note that KL Sentral is the last/first station so you could wait on either side of the platform.

One thing about the monorail which I found a bit disturbing was when it turned it actually tilted to one side. I was worry that it might topple if that side happened to have too many passengers. I was relieved that it didn't happen. I was happy to finally get off at Bukit Bintang station.

Just a short walk from the station was our hotel Anza. Which name was Piccolo Hotel when we made our reservation.

Around Bukit Bintang
We met up with some friends who then showed us the many different malls in that area. We started from Fahrenheit 88 which had a lot of different  food to offer. And I liked that they put it in one big display showing different restaurants and on which floor. One gigantic food directory !
Huge Ralph Lauren bag at Suria KLCC

When outside was dark we made our way to Suria KLCC where we could take pictures of Petronas Tower. That night just like days before when we were in Penang was hazy so the pictures didn't come out very well.
Petronas Tower from Suria KLCC

Suria KLCC was just another high end mall. I couldn't quite tell the difference between that one and Fahrenheit 88. Except maybe Fahrenheit 88 had more food to offer.

Jalan Alor
We then had a late dinner at Wong Ah Wah chicken wings located on Jalan Alor. Jalan Alor was a street in the Bukit Bintang area popular as the food street for tourist.
Jalan Alor at night

But our friend who took us there told us that the restaurant Wong Ah Wah also was popular among locals. Which turned out to be true since that restaurant was so busy when we got there even at 9 pm. Finally we got a table around 9:30 sitting outdoor by the road side under the sky.