Saturday, November 7, 2015

Pop! Hotel Airport Jakarta - Jakarta

View as soon as we walk through the door
Last minute just a day before we left for our trip, I realized it would be too hard to try to get to the airport in Jakarta trying to catch a 7 am flight. So I decided to book a night at any hotel near Soekarno-Hatta airport. Surprisingly there were so many options with very reasonable price between USD 35-USD45.

I finally decided to reserve a night at Pop! Hotel. The hotel picture looked very colorful almost like kindergarten class rooms. Reviews on this hotel were good and the price was very reasonable around USD33 a night which included shuttle pick up to and from airport, free breakfast and one bakmi (noodle) and one spa reflexiology.

Our goodie bag and the contents - 2 envelopes contained slipper and tooth brush

We got a ride to the airport and then waited in the shuttle bus area for the hotel free shuttle. It took about 30 minutes before the shuttle arrived. I almost decided to call the hotel to check on the whereabout of the shuttle.

Check in was quick. I asked the receptionist about the shuttle to airport the following morning and she asked me for what time. I told her five and she wrote down our room number on a piece of paper. They kept track of how many patrons needed ride to the airport so they could arrange the right size of car. The one that picked us up from the airport was a regular SUV size truck.
Our room package included a bowl of bakmi noodle 

I then asked about the free bakmi and spa reflexiology. She took a look at our print out voucher and then gave us two vouchers and went to the back to grab a green bag full of goodies. I was like ...what are these ? Anyhow, we found the elevator and went upstairs.
Breakfast table : chicken porridge and its condiments

We got a room on fifth floor. The hallway was very standard, just white tiled. The end of hallway was a big window. No AC in the hallway, just breeze flowing through. Each room has different color door : green, yellow, purple, etc. So colorful.

When we opened the door, the first thing I noticed was this big grey plastic structure against the wall. It looked like a spaceship, long tube half circle with rolling door. Turned out to be a bathroom and toilet all together. Interesting. I have experience a whole piece bathroom like this in Japan. The one in Japan looked just like a regular bathroom but the whole room was just a piece plugged in. This half circle bathroom saved space.

After we're done taking pictures, we went down to claim the bakmi (noodle) voucher. I walked in the dining area and was wondering who to talk to claim our voucher when I noticed a young female walked in carrying bowls of noodle. I used the same door to walk out to an outdoor stall where the noodle was prepared. I gave our voucher to the lady there and told her I wanted to pay for another bowl. It was only IDR20000 (less than USD2). We then sat down on a bar style area with high stools. The dining area was pretty full. Most of the patrons were locals. There were a smaller group of people which spoke foreign language that we couldn't quite figure out.

After our dinner we went upstairs to clean up and get ready for bed. The bag of goodies turned out to be one tube of potato chips, a bag of cookies which hubby opened right away for dessert, and two envelopes with room slippers and tooth brushes. Pretty neat.

The room was decent. The bed sheet and duvet seemed pretty clean. AC wasn't very cold but cool enough to sleep without needing to use the duvet. The extension on side of the bed was useful for us to sit and put our luggage on.

The next morning when we checked out at 4:45 am, we were told to enjoy breakfast first while waiting for the shuttle to get ready. I noticed slices of bread with jam, chicken porridge with condiments and packets of easy oatmeal drink. I was impressed.

I would go back to this hotel again if I have to sleep close to the airport. And I would even recommend this hotel !

Pop! Hotel Airport Jakarta
Jl. Raya Bandara No. 106, Rawa Bokor, Benda, Tangerang, Airport Soekarno Hatta, Jakarta, Indonesia 15125