Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sagar Vegstaurant - Santa Clara

The plate used had different compartment for different types of dishes
*Update 06/10/17: this business has closed down permanently*

Located on a strip mall on El Camino, this restaurant could be easily missed. It was small and next to an adult video store. When we walked in there were two tables occupied and nobody to greet us. We stood for like a minute. Then I saw a lady in the kitchen looking out to us so I waved to her. Then another lady came out and told us to sit ourselves.

They offered quite a vast array of vegetarian dishes though I didn't know any of them. ha..ha.. There were also two types of rice, the plain one and the yellow one. I started with the plain rice and picked a dish with peas on it and another dish with potato and something else. Drinks were included on the buffet price of $10.99 so I went to the drinks area and got a glass of water and another glass of hot tea with milk. One of the Yelp reviews mentioned free soda. But apparently either the soda machine was out of order or they stop offering it but didn't want to look cheap so posted sign that the machine was out of order instaed.

When we sat down and enjoying our plate, the host lady brought us our flat bread. We were not used to this flat bread that looked like pancake. About ten minutes later she came back and asked if we would like the sweet bread instead. I wasn't too sure what it was but she told us she'd bring some of us to try. Sure enough, she came back with another pancake like bread and told us to let her know if we wanted some more.
half eaten flat bread - yum
half glass of milk tea and half glass of mango lassi
Located on a strip mall next to an adult video store

The sweet bread tasted sweet and felt like there was some sweet bean paste (?) in it. We didn't particularly enjoyed it with the dishes. I think maybe it's more suitable as dessert. And talking about dessert there were also some dessert like gulab jamun which I didn't try. Towards the end, I tried a glass of the mango lassi and I liked it because it's not too sweet like some other places that we've been to.

Sagar Vegstaurant
2341 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050
Phone:(408) 380-4245