Sunday, January 3, 2016

Hoy Ka Thai Noodle - Los Angeles

Grilled pork salad - to die for
Arriving in LA just around lunch time, my tummy asking to be filled. I had this restaurant on the list as the first to go for our 2 day trip so there we went. When we walked in, the place was quite full, the waitress walked us to a bar style seating with high stool. I loved our table. It's higher so we could see around the restaurant while waiting for our orders to arrive.

The restaurant had high unfinished ceiling and concrete floor that gave the industrial feel to it. But it gave the airy, cozy feeling. I gave this place 5 star for the ambience. And surprisingly for that ambience, the price wasn't too bad.

Okay, so we ordered hoy ka noodle with wide rice noodle, pad see ew and threw in a grilled pork salad as a last minute thought. The hoy ka noodle looked and tasted just like the tom yum noodle which I tried later on at a different Thai restaurant. It's pork based broth (I think) with noodle of your selection with fish ball, minced pork, pork liver and roasted peanut topping. I ordered it spicy and it was spicy enough for me. More spicy than regular Thai restaurant that we've been to.
Hoy ka noodle - order spicy if you can handle it

Hubby's pad see ew was a stir fry wide rice noodle with chinese broccoli and chicken. It had a bit burnt wok smell and he just topped it off with pickled jalapeno chili to complete it. The grilled pork salad was grilled pork served on a bed of sliced onion, green lettuce, sliced tomato with lime chili garlic dressing. So so good. It was one of the special menu written on the wall, so not sure if it's going to be available next time. But make sure to try if it is offered.
pad see ew - stir fry hor fun thai style

Total bill came out to $25 including tips. No drinks. Definitely a good value for your money. Will be back for more when we're in the area.

Hoy Ka Thai Noodle 
5908 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028 
Phone:(323) 463-2979