Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pa Ord Noodle- Hollywood, Los Angeles

tom yum noodle @ Pa Ord Noodle
On our last day in LA, I was tempted to check out Kaya Street Kitchen a Chipotle style fast food but more of a South East Asian fare. But that KSK opens late at 11. And we were hoping to be on the road already by that time if we don't want to reach home late.

So to get our craves of Thai food completely taken care of, I decided to swing by Thai Town once more. We couldn't go back to Hoy Ka Noodle because they open at 11. So Pa Ord Noodle was our choice since they open at 9:30.

We left our Airbnb host house just around 9:30. Arrived at Pa Ord about 15 minutes later. Traffic was light. The strip mall where Pa Ord located was tiny with limited parking space but we found spot on the street parking. As we were walking there there was this family of five in front of us. They went to the same place and as we walked in the family was waiting to be seated. The place was full ! And this was like 10 am on a 40 degree morning.
Pad see ew (stir fry wide rice noodle) @ Pa Ord noodle

We got the last table in the house. Perused the menu and ordered a bowl of tom yum noodle with wide rice noodle, a plate of pad see ew, a glass of thai ice tea and an order of spicy cat fish curry and papaya salad to go.
Take out order (left to right) : spicy catfish curry and papaya salad

Took a while to get our orders but that was fine. The noodle soup was spicy and hot to warm up my body. Hubby's order of pad see ew was satisfying to him. We finished our breakfast and took our orders to go and hit the road.

Our take out order became our dinner that night when we reached home. I have never had catfish curry before so had nothing to compare to. But the catfish steak were deep fried first and then cooked in curry that tasted like namya curry. There were shredded herb that smelled like the herb used in namya curry and I think it's called finger roots or krachi roots or Chinese keys. Try it if you have a chance. It's yummy.

Pa Ord Noodle
5301 Sunset Blvd #8, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 461-3945