Friday, January 8, 2016

Pho Ngoon - San Gabriel

This restaurant was not on the list of our culinary trip this time. But as I was looking around for ideas for breakfast for our Saturday morning this was one of a few that opened pretty early. Most of the restaurants in LA area open around 11 am. And with the cold winter, I don’t feel like having a cup of hot choco and a pastry good enough to start our day.

So we brazed ourselves and were out on the street of Rosemead around 10 something in the morning. When we got there, there was a long table filled with adults and kids. We sat down and placed our order. Two bowls of chicken pho (pho ga) and a plate of beef roll. Both were highly recommended by Yelpers.

The orders took a while to come out. I guess they didn’t expect so many customers in the morning. It was a cold day so I could only imagine how long would it take to bring a giant pot of broth to a boil.

beef roll pho ngoon
But I should say and hubby agreed as well that those bowls of chicken pho were worth all the wait. They were as good as how I remembered the chicken pho we had in Nha Trang years ago. And the beef roll were made with fresh sheet of rice sheet instead of dried rice sheet. Because of that, the rolls were thicker but not chewy at all. Sooo yummy.

Pho Ngoon
741 E Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
(626) 872-2729