Friday, January 1, 2016

Rice + Noodle Asian Kitchen - Campbell

Lo noodle with chicken
Went there with a group of friends on a Sunday night. I guess looking at the establishment it was just opened recently. Surprisingly during dinner time it wasn't too busy.

The menu had some pictures on but not enough to give you ideas on what some of the items looked like. I found the menu confusing. They tried to provide different option for same noodle dish but wasn't very clear about it. I ordered the chaozhou noodle soup with pork belly. Hubby ordered the lo noodle with soup on the side.

The décor was minimalist. As soon as you walk in the establishment, there was the cashier and then a few smaller table for parties of two or less. Since we were with a bigger group, we walked to a separate room almost like next door connected through an opening. And this next door room had wall décor of animals heads which was a surprise. Later on I found out that those were the twelve Chinese zodiac. The room had high ceiling but the lighting used was the white lights so it had a bit dimmed feeling.

Different options given for the noodle dish but I found it confusing
The noodle that I ordered was okay. The pork belly and also the soup was a bit too fat for my liking so I transferred most of them to my husband’s bowl. Hubby's lo noodle was almost like my noodle soup but minus the soup. The soup was served on the side on a smaller bowl but then it wasn't hot enough to wilt the lettuce leaf served sticking out of the bowl of noodle.
Chao zhou noodle with pork belly - too fatty for my liking

I think this place tried to serve a TK noodle or China Chen style of noodle in a more modern, cleaner looking environment. But I don't think we'll be back there anytime soon. And if I crave those style of noodles I'd rather go to TK noodle or drive to downtown San Jose to China Chen.

Rice+Noodle Asian Kitchen
930 W Hamilton Ave Ste 110
Campbell, CA 95008
408 378 2234