Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tai Kadai - Rosemead

Free appetizer
Went there the day after Christmas after half day spent at Citadel Outlet. It wasn't exactly dinner time but we didn't really have lunch so early dinner sounded like a good idea. There was only another table with two people.

From the menu, we picked samosas for appetizer, garlic noodle with prawns, khao poon (Laos style noodle soup) and pork belly with buns. We were given free appetizer as well. It was served on a cute long platter with three compartments. One for fried peanuts, one for chinese sausage and the last one was deep fried wonton skin. It's quite an interesting combination.

The samosas were quite different from the Indian samosas that looked like pyramid. These samosas looked like a triangle made of pastries sheet. The dipping sauce was made of soy sauce and vinegar. There's nothing too special with these samosas.
garlic noodle with prawn

khao poon

The garlic noodle with prawns started good but then went south because  it was getting too rich for my taste. The khao poon looked tasty but one bite into it I thought it was missing a lot of taste. There were lots of shredded chicken in it. But it was very bland. Even the salt didn't help. It's almost like they used water only with the spices instead of broth. I totally believed that that dish didn't have MSG in it.

So in the end the winner was pork belly with buns. The pork belly was well cooked and seasoned and served with pickled cucumber (?) with hoisin sauce on a tiny cute bun.
pork belly with buns


We were so full already so I actually wouldn't mind if they forgot the free ice cream because of us checking in. But to give them credit, they didn't forget. We got a scoop of green tea ice cream. Not bad. We also walked away with free calendar. I could really use one. ha..ha..

I am having a mixed feeling about this place. Even though it was branded as South East Asian Cuisine but to me it seemed like the majority items on menu were from Vietnam. But the place was very clean and had a nice modern decor. So if we're in the area I would try it again.

Tai Kadai 
8877 Valley Blvd, Rosemead, CA 91770 
626 872-0026