Monday, February 15, 2016

Pineapple rolls aka nastar

In Indonesia I grew up knowing pineapple pastry as the round shape with pineapple filling all covered up. We called it nastar. I never quite fancy it for lunar new year celebration. But now in a foreign country where everything didn't quite taste like what I'm familiar with I grew to miss nastar. Especially last year when we were in KL and were gifted a container of pineapple roll. They were flaky and sort of melt in your mouth type.

In the past I attempted to make nastar - the round type with the pineapple filling all covered up. Maybe it was just me - lack of experience. I couldn't get the pineapple filling covered up so some of them got pineapple filling leaking out. Argh.

This year, last minute I thought I should try making the roll type. It seemed simple enough. Of course I didn't come up with my own recipe. I got my recipe from Sonia - Nasi Lemak Lover and the method of making pineapple roll from Jun - Indochine Kitchen.

revised : 1/25/2017

Yield : 50-55 rolls

Ingredients :

Pineapple filling : 1 medium size ripe pineapple , about 6 tbs sugar or more if you prefer sweeter

Dough :
150 gr butter
43 gr sweet condensed milk
220 gr plain flour
1 egg yolk

Method :
Pineapple filling :
Cut pineapple into manageable size that fits into your food processor. Process the pineapple into puree form. Pour into a non stick sauce pan and cook on  high heat. When it starts to boil, turn the heat to medium low heat so it doesn't burn. Let it cook until it's dry and resemble a thick paste - probably about 45 minutes. Put in the sugar and stir to dissolve the sugar. Turn off the heat and put it aside to cool off. Prepare the filling a day ahead to allow time to cool off and make it easier to work with.

Dough :
Cream the butter using a mixer then put in the condensed milk. Mix well. Add egg yolk and continue to mix. Then add the flour and mix well until all the ingredients get incorporated into a soft, fluffy mound of dough.

Assembling :
Round type :
Grab a small amount of dough, roll it to shape a ball. Using a finger, press down the middle of it. Then shape it so it resembles a small bowl with the middle portion reserve for the pineapple filling. After you put in the pineapple filling, carefully shape the dough to close off the opening and sealed the pineapple filling inside. I know it sounded complicated. Because it is. For me it takes a lot of patience.

Roll type :
I follow the method by Jun of Indochinekitchen and she actually outlined with pictures a step by step of how to do it on her blog. Please refer to it because it's a lot easier to look at the pictures.

Basically, grab a small amount of dough weigh about 50 gr. Roll it to shape of rectangular shape of 5 cm by 28 cm. Then pipe the pineapple filling to the long end of the roll. Roll up the dough to cover up the pineapple filling. The end product looked like a long roll of dough with pineapple filling. Using a scissor cut the roll into a shorter roll of 4 cm each. Put each shorter roll on your tray. Use a small brush to brush the egg wash on the top of each roll.

Bake in the oven preheat at 340 F until golden brown or about 16-18 minutes.

Notes :
The medium size pineapple yielded about 300 gr pineapple filling that's why I adjusted the amount of ingredients for the dough. The original recipe from Sonia called for 700 gr pineapple filling. So you could adjust accordingly based on the amount of pineapple filling you have.