Monday, February 15, 2016

Ramen Taka - Santa Clara

Taka ramen as is
Finally convinced hubby to try Orenchi ramen in Santa Clara. Alas, it's closed on Monday. Drove all the way to Sunnyvale to try Myzen Ramen but they're also closed due to President's Day. Really ?

So in the end settled with Ramen Taka on Alameda in San Jose. I believe this place hasn't been there that long. We got there close to lunch time. There were two tables occupied. Like most ramen place, this place wasn't too big either maybe around 30 people the most. We got a tiny table for 2. I said tiny because the table wasn't very big and there were a small tray for some condiments like pickle ginger, garlic paste and some dry condiments with Japanese name on it that I don't remember now.

They offered lunch special where one could pick a choice of ramen and either a small bowl of fried rice of small bowl of char siu. Hubby took that and selected a spicy miso ramen with fried rice. I opted for the Taka ramen just because it's the house special. And decided to try the spicy chicken karaage.
Spicy miso ramen

For the lunch special, hubby also got a salad with typical Japanese style dressing. We then got our ramen and the chicken karaage. I tried my Taka ramen's broth and decided I liked the rich pork flavor in it. Though the healthy side of me cringed at the layer of oil on my broth. The Taka ramen unfortunately used a thinner straight noodle instead of thicker curly noodle like the one used for hubby's spicy miso ramen.
spicy chicken karaage

Hubby's spicy miso ramen had a reddish color from the miso and also the pepper paste (?) used for the spicy paste. But I guess because the spicy paste had soy bean paste in it, the broth became too salty. Something we were not used to.

The spicy chicken karaage unfortunately had the same issue. I think they also used the same spicy paste used for the spicy ramen on the chicken karaage. The result was the chicken karaage was too salty for our palette. Also the cut for the chicken karaage was pretty big making it harder to eat without knife and fork. ha..ha..

Ramen Taka
2219 The Alameda
Santa Clara, CA 95050
408 564 4467