Saturday, May 28, 2016

Na Rak O Resort - Chiang Rai, Thailand

We were going to stay at the same hotel we did ten years ago Wangcome which was located close to the night bazaar. But as it turned out the rate for that hotel was around USD 60. For a night or two would probably be fine. But since we were going to be there for 4 nights, I tried to find a cheaper accommodation.

Na Rak O Resort though sounds expensive but it's not exactly a "resort". It's more like a modest hotel with a homely feel to it. Our room was downstairs with a small common area for snacks and tea. Upstairs got more rooms with a tiny pantry area serves as breakfast place where guests can prepare their own breakfast in the morning.

Their location is quite close to the night bazaar yet quite secluded in a way so it's quiet and peaceful at night. Chiang Rai is not exactly a party town but tourist can still find bars along the street just at the back of Wangcome hotel. And it's just about ten minutes walk from this hotel.

Room was pretty big so with our two big suitcases we still found lots of room. A lot of items in the room was colorful and artsy serve more like decor instead of function. Just like the door to our bathroom it was wooden french door (if there's such a thing). But I found them hard to pull close because they have to fit perfectly otherwise they wouldn't close properly.

The mattress was laid on a concrete platform. I guess they won't be moving the 'bed' anytime soon. There was a glass rolling door opened to a small patio with view to grass field. AC was cold and wifi was strong. TV programs didn't have a lot of international channels but we didn't spend too much time in our room so it didn't matter to us. All in all good value for $24.

Na Rak O Resort 
Sanpanard Soi 2/1, Wiang, Chiang Rai 57000, Thailand 
66 81 951 7801