Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Thai Breakfast - Thailand

khao soy - northern style curry based noodle soup
When we were in Thailand our hotels both in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai didn't offer breakfast. So every morning we went out to look for food. So what kind of breakfast do we normally come across ?

Noodle soup
There are quite a few types of noodle soup. When we were in Chiang Mai I got the tom yum noodle soup with the wide rice noodle. The soup was clear pork (?) broth with fish ball, minced pork  and fried wonton skin and chopped celery leaves as topping.
tom yum noodle soup

When we were in Chiang Rai, hubby had khao soy which was typical to northern Thailand. Khao soy is curry based noodle soup with topping like crispy noodle. The curry broth wasn't very rich but more on the lighter side.
fish ball soup with rice noodle

Also in Chiang Rai, I had the fish ball soup with some clear broth served with rice noodle. In a quite a few places, they actually offer different types of noodle. So choose wisely. I normally like it with the thin rice stick. Though the fresh wide noodle was also nice.

Stir fry noodle
Pad thai was probably the most popular Thai noodle dish known to Americans. But it's just one of so many other stir fry noodle in Thailand. I did try pad thai once just to see how the real one supposed to taste like. It's different from the American version. It wasn't as sweet and color was more lighter instead of hint of reddish.
pad thai - lacked of chives ?

Hubby normally like the rad na which was served with the fresh wide noodle topped of with sauce.

rat na with abundant sauce