Friday, June 10, 2016

Chiang Rai Nightlife : Tawandang

Looks from parking lot (photo source :
When we were told that we could see live performances including dancing, I thought Tawandang was more like Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center. But when we got there and went in, the place was more like a night club. Similar to Hard Rock Café but with a Thai frill.

There were like eight of us sharing a table. Our host, Rie, took charge of ordering the food. I was too busy gawking at the stage. A singer and a few dancers were already performing. When the guy was done then he retreated and there was a moment of silent while they prepared for the next performer. Then a different singer or singers would show up. The songs varied from traditional Thai song, pop Thai song and even some dance music with voice of DJ in between.

If ones want to dance which a lot of the locals did on some popular songs, they just stood and danced within the restricted area of their tables. There was no visible dancing floor. Ha..ha.. And I noticed every so often they would treat their waiters a drink which the waiter drank quietly on the side of table before moving away.
Inside stage (photo source :

The food was surprisingly good. I was expecting typical finger food like maybe pizza, fries, chicken wings etc. But we actually enjoyed some delicious tom yum soup, deep fried fish with sweet and sour dressing and a few others which I didn’t remember now. I couldn’t take any decent pictures because of lack of lighting so I gave up.