Friday, June 17, 2016

Thaiphoon - San Jose

khao soy - northern style Thai curry noodle
Hubby was craving Khao soy - it's a northern style Thai curry noodle. His recent encounter with it in Chiang Rai sort of brought all the memory back. Looking around, it seems that Dusita and Thaiphoon were the only restaurants in the area offer that dish. So off we went to Thaiphoon.

Thaiphoon is located on a strip mall on Stevens Creek. Parking was available in the front and the rear but there were so many business there so it was quite a challenge. The decor inside was  modern with some cushioned seating along the wall with leather like upholstery. The chairs looked expensive with similar color covering.

A waitress greeted us as soon as we walked in and told us to wait. She was busy with something. Then she picked up some menus and walked us to a table. We decided on our order and she came back to take our orders.
Khao soy 

The pork egg roll came out first. It was piping hot just fresh out of the wok. Not greasy but I didn't taste much of the pork and the order came with six egg rolls. The size of the eggroll were smaller than the King eggroll. I can't help but comparing the taste as well. These eggrolls were on the more dense and thicker skin kind of eggrolls. The sauce looked like the Vietnamese eggroll (cha gio) but it was thicker and way sweeter.

Hubby's khao soy came very pretty yellow color with crispy yellow noodle as topping. It had generous amount of chicken meat but it was lack of flavor. He put in about 2 teaspoon of the sambal chilli paste and it was a bit better. So he was a bit disappointed
pad woon sen - stir fry vermicelli

The last one that came out was my pad woon sen - stir fry vermicelli with chicken. As soon as the waitress put it down on our table she said : oh no, this should be spicy #4. I'll take it back. And I was so surprised and just agreed with it. I was amazed that she was so attentive and still remember my order. And my pad woon sen was the highlight of our meal. It was spicy enough for us but not so spicy that we couldn't enjoy it. I would definitely go back just for that pad woon sen.

pork roll

4996 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129
Phone:(408) 248-5800