Friday, August 5, 2016

Chimek - Santa Clara

Ever since I found out about this fried chicken place I have been wanting to try it out. They only open for dinner but they open late till 2 AM. So finally after a long delay we made it there last Sunday.

It was early on Sunday evening so the place was sort of empty. Only about a few tables occupied. The girl behind the counter told us to pick a table ourselves. So we did and she came by to drop off the menu.

Chimek in Korean meaning chicken and mekju (beer). A big portion of the menu consisted of chicken of course. We ordered a small size of original fried chicken with the spicy level of hot and a small soy garlic chicken. There were three big screen TVs showing different channel. Most of the seatings were tables except a few tables with bar stools.

Our order arrived maybe like ten minutes later. It really didn't feel that long compared to 99 Chicken. But the chicken at 99 Chicken were drumstick that's why they took longer. The chicken here were all drumettes and wings. I took a bite of the hot original fried chicken. They looked like buffalo wings and tasted almost similar but with a spicier level. The soy garlic was a bit more crispier because of the sweet glazed on it. I liked the hot original version better and hubby liked the soy garlic better.

The rice, salad bar and popcorn were free flow here. Just help yourselves. The salad bar consisted of cut romaine lettuce, sweet corn, celery stick, baby corn, kimchee, pickle daikon and pickle jalapeno. The pickle daikon was too sweet for my taste while the kimchee was pretty ripe so it actually worked out well with the fried chicken.

Can't comment on the beer this time. We'll save that for the next visit when we have a bigger group. That gives an excuse to go back.

3597 Homestead Rd, Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 899-2956