Saturday, August 13, 2016

Mum Fresh - San Jose

grill pork on noodle
The past Sunday was one of the longest time I have ever spent time dropping off car for service at Sears Oakridge Mall. Normally we got out there in like 2 hours. But anyway, that's another rant and not for this posting. Because our car still wasn't done by lunch time so we decided to check out the food court. My eyes caught the name "Mum Fresh" - Vietnamese cuisine ?? Really ? That deserved a try especially since we were planning to go to East San Jose for Vietnamese noodle.

The menu was more like those food court menu - concise and with numbers preceding. So we ordered #1 - rice noodle soup with beef and beef ball and #7 grilled pork with choice of brown rice, rice noodle or veggies. I chose mine with rice noodle (bun).

It's interesting to actually watch the guy prepping the meal in front of us. All this time at the restaurant we only know how the bowls look like once they set them in front of us.
grill pork spring roll

Now the verdict. I picked up a tray of grilled pork spring roll at the check out register. The spring roll cost $4.90 and it consisted of 2 decent size spring roll with a tub of sweet dipping sauce on the side. The spring roll tasted pretty fresh as in the rice wrapper hasn't turned too dry and chewy. Not too many places offered grilled pork spring roll. The only other place that I know was Pho Thien Long in East San Jose that we supposed to go that day.
Beef noodle soup

My bun bowl tasted fresh with chopped romaine lettuce, crushed peanuts, sliced pickle daikon and carrot, grilled pork and bean sprout on top of the rice noodle. A tub of dressing was on the side.

Hubby's noodle soup smelled fragrant of star anise. The soup was very hot to completely cook the sliced beef that was raw when placed in the bowl. The taste was as good as it smelled. I liked that they put all the necessary chopped herbs like green onion/celery. The basil, bean sprout, serrano and lime wedge were provided on the side with a plastic bag. The only downside was the broth was a bit more oily than what we normally have.

All in all it was a very satisfying meal. The cost was almost the same a we normally pay at a pho joint. The quality was as good. We would go back if we are in the area.

Mum Fresh
Oakridge Mall Food Court
(next to Panda Express)