Sunday, September 25, 2016

American Eatery - San Francisco

Prathertarian paleo bowl : kale, pull pork, cauliflower
We were in San Francisco one weekend and was looking for a place for lunch. Since we were close to Ferry Building we decided to take a look inside. It’s been a while since we actually went in. We found this small restaurant call American Eatery which was part of Prather Ranch Meat. It wasn’t quite lunch time yet but the small seating area outside this restaurant were all taken. But no worries, it was a beautiful day outside so we just placed our order to go.

We got our orders within the promised time. About ten minutes I guess. The order came in a cute paper bag. Too nice for our take out order but the handle came handy.

We found a bench outside and started unwrapping our orders. The paleo bowl had a strong vinegary smell when I opened the box. The smell came from the pink pickle cabbage on top of the pull pork. Next to the pull pork was stir fry kale (?). And below all those was the riced cauliflower. When we first tried it we thought it was pretty bland. I guess it didn’t take like most take out food. The flavor was there and everything was seasoned lightly. I guess it should be healthier since it wasn’t sodium ladened like other restaurant food. Of all the components of the bowl I liked the cauliflower  the most. The kale was a bit too big chunk. While the pork in our opinion wasn’t seasoned enough.

spicy pork sandwich
Now, the spicy pork sandwich came with a pickle on the side. It’s a generous size of sandwich with generous size of pork. It was  a big chunk of pork . Surprisingly for the size of that pork it wasn’t chewy. It actually sort of paired well with the sandwich. The only thing missing was the flavor. I guess we were expecting strong bold flavor but it was subtle flavor and wasn’t spicy at all.

Okay. All in all it was a good lunch. Perfect bite lunch for eating outside. Total bill came close to $25 which was still pretty decent for San Francisco Ferry Building. Are we going back if we’re in the area ? Most likely not.

American Eatery
Prather Ranch Meat Co
Ferry Building, 1 Ferry Bldg #33, San Francisco, CA 94114
Phone: (415) 391-0420