Saturday, September 24, 2016

Jang Mo Jib - Burnaby, Canada

We have been to this restaurant years ago. A Korean friend brought me and husband there. This time we actually didn’t plan on coming here. But last minute there was a change in plan and we were in the Kingsway area. So I suggested that we went back there.

It was Thursday night and the parking lot got a few cars. When we walked to the restaurant, I noticed a man looking at our car. Then when we walked in there was a sign telling us to let them know the license plate of the car. I guess they had issue with people parking there but not going to the restaurant ? As we proceeded to give the information, the man that I saw earlier told us that he saw our car and told us it’s going to be fine.

The restaurant I guess it’s pretty old and hasn’t been remodeled for a while. It smelled a bit musty. The menu was pretty big. But we agreed on bossam (boiled pork served with seasoned cabbage), gamja tang (pork bone and potato stew) and spicy squid. Then the ban chan (side dishes) were brought out. The side dishes were typical and nothing special. There were napa cabbage kimchee,

pork bone and potato stew (gamja tang)
When the gamja tang were brought out, we dump all the kimchee in it then requested more. I think the kimchee helped made the stew richer. This restaurant was where me and hubby were introduced to gamja tang to. But now going back we thought the gamja tang was just okay. We have found other restaurant near our neighborhood that serves better gamja tang.

spicy squid on hotplate
The bossam was served on a big platter with the pork belly sliced and arranged nicely side by side with the seasoned napa cabbage. There were also other condiments on the platter like sliced garlic, jalapeno chili and seasoned tiny shrimp. I also think that the bossam wasn’t as good as I have tried at some other place. The napa cabbage used for the dish was just salty so it was just one dimension. In the end we ate it by dipping it in the spicy squid sauce
boiled pork served with seasoned cabbage (bossam)

Jang Mo Jib
5075 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC V5H 2E6, Canada
Phone: +1 604-439-0712