Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sabai Cafe & Bar - Eugene, OR

Pad kee mao (drunken noodles - stir fry rice noodle with veggie)
I had this restaurant on my restaurant list for Eugene. It proved that the list came handy when we were on road trip. What I wasn't prepared for was how fancy this establishment was. Our navigation system brought us to this mall with shops like Talbot, Chico, Nordstrom, etc. We couldn't see any restaurants from our car so we concluded that the restaurant must be hidden behind those stores.

True enough, in between those stores there was a court yard area with a few restaurants with outdoor seatings. There we found this Sabai Cafe. Immediately I was worry that it's going to cost too much for our meals. The whole mall settings was like San Jose Santana Row but in a smaller scale. But to back out of this would take away a lot of our time and we were already behind schedule.

Stir fry mix veggie (served with steam rice)

So we went in and were seated immediately. Considering the hour we got there I was surprised that the restaurant was pretty busy. It was only 5:30 and the restaurant was more than half full. There was an open bar on one side with some patron enjoying their drinks. We quickly placed our order to speed things up. It's too bad though since the restaurant felt so cozy but we were rushing to get to our destination.

Hubby's order of pad kee mao (stir fry noodle with veggie and basil) turned out to be the highlight of our dinner. It was pretty spicy that he actually got pretty sweaty afterwards. Though our waitress did warn ahead of time that the medium was actually hot. So it was lucky that he didn't order the hot one or else he wouldn't be able to enjoy it.

My order was stir fry veggie served with steam rice. It was simple just how I pictured it based on the description. But I think some of the veggie was under cooked. So in the end I only bit on the flowery part and left the stem untouched. They served a very generous amount of rice and that totally filled me up.

Total bill came up to $28 (before tips). There was no tax in Oregon. Woohoo !!

Sabai Cafe & Bar
Oakway Center, 27 Oakway Center, Eugene, OR 97401
(541) 654-5424