Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Bangkok West - Roseburg, OR

Stir fry vermicelli with tofu
We found this restaurant sort of last minute as we were cruising on highway 5 approaching Eugene, Oregon. This restaurant was located in a small town just off Eugene though. Our Google navigation brought us there and we looked around having difficulty locating the restaurant. Turned out that it was at a corner of a deserted strip mall.

I was a bit skeptical but there were a few cars parked outside even though it wasn’t quite dinner time yet. So we went in and I was surprised to see that there was a big table of 8 people and a few other smaller tables occupied.

The menu was a mixture Thai and Chinese dishes.  Since we wanted Thai so we decided on stir fry vermicelli and stir fry rice noodle with with broccoli. The waitress taking our order was trying to offer us soup but we declined it. She seemed a bit disappointed. Maybe their soup was good because it seemed other patrons ordered them.

From parking lot
Stir fry noodle with broccoli (rad na)
My order which was the stir fry vermicelli with tofu was good. It had the distinct smoky flavor that I like as sign of enough wok heat. This flavor is hard to copy at home since we don't have powerful enough stove. Hubby's stir fry noodle was lacking the stir fry flavor. It tasted like the noodle was straight away cooked in the gravy without first getting stir fried.

Bangkok West
2521 W Harvard Ave, Roseburg, OR 97471
(541) 677-8397