Friday, October 14, 2016

Blurr Kitchen - Santa Clara

grilled pork banh mi (Vietnanese style sandwich) side by side with garlic fries
We found this establishment on Yelp when we were looking up restaurants in the Santa Clara area. It’s located at the corner of San Tomas Expy and El Camino Real in a busy strip mall. Parking was a nightmare since that location now has 2 restaurants, Starbucks, T-Mobile and Noah’s Bagel. We ended up parking on a smaller side street about a block away.

When we walked in there was only like 2 customers in there finishing up. It was around 2pm so I wasn’t expecting too many people in. They offer a small menu consisting of Vietnamese sandwich (banh mi), cooked food (Panda Express style) and some appetizers made to order. The girl on the counter was very nice and gave me a sample of the lemon grass fish dish. I wish they had display of the name of the dishes so we didn’t have to ask.

I picked a five spiced marinated chicken on my fried rice combo and picked the stir fried green bean as my greens. Hubby chose the banh mi with roasted pork since everyone seemed to be talking about it on Yelp. For side, he chose the garlic fries over salad. I wonder if anyone ever chose salad instead.

I got my order on a to go box so it came very convenient when I couldn’t finish my meal. Hubby’s order took about ten minutes to prepare so mean while we both dug in to my order. They were very generous with the amount of chicken. It was two big piece of boneless thigh meat. Enough for both of us. Hubby went and grab some spicy sauce labeled as habanero sauce. The color was light orange and I think it’s a mixture of some habanero pepper sauce with mayonnaise. The sauce was pretty spicy and it sort of went well with the chicken and later on with the fries.

Spice five marinated chicken on fried rice and green bean
The garlic fries that came with the sandwich was different from what I imagined of garlic fries. The fries were cut big – almost as big as my finger – and then there was some sticky caramelized onion/garlic on it. It’s different but then the spicy ketchup provided there really helped with it. Though hubby said it would have gone better with sriracha sauce.

When we left the place was bustling with like 5 parties waiting or working on their orders. I think we may go back. I just wonder whether they would have different dishes next time. I do love the combination of fries, banh mi and Asian style dishes. Because sometimes you just feel like having your orange chicken with garlic fries. Why not ?

Blurr Kitchen
2374 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA 95050

Phone: (408) 243-1868