Saturday, October 1, 2016

It Ends With Us - Colleen Hover

Lily Bloom met a rich, handsome stranger who happened to be a neurosurgeon. She ended up spilling some of her darkest secret thinking they never meet each other again. One day they ran into each other. Each of them had different principle when it comes to relationship so initially they were sure they’d never date each other. Till one of them change their minds.

But then, one of Lily’s darkest secret came back in her life in a form of a chef owner of a restaurant. By now, readers were already filled in with how they got to know each other. And it’s really hard to decide. Both men are handsome. One is a neurosurgeon and the other is a chef. Hmm.

I really like this book. The story was written well and there was no boring part. The characters could be too good to be true. But that’s why we read, right ? It’s a feel good story that entertains.

I watch a lot of Korean drama and in a way I could totally see this book turned out to be a good script for a Korean drama. Except for some hot scenes that need to be edited out or adjusted.

Just as I thought it was a fun and light book to read, the author decided to spin it differently. I am not going to spill the detail here. I can only say it's a worth reading book.