Thursday, November 10, 2016

Rooster & Rice - San Francisco

I came across this restaurant when I was looking for places to try out in San Francisco. It's been hard to check it out because they were not open on Sundays. So finally we had a chance to try it out last weekend.

The place is small and more for take out place. There were three bar seating inside and about three more tables outside for another six more people. When I was there around 12:30 all but the indoor seats were taken. 

This restaurant serves Thai chicken rice. Their menu was simple The Original (breast and thigh with jasmine white rice), The Marina (all breast with organic brown rice) and The Vegetarian (organic tofu, brown rice and vegetables). One can pay for extra soup, side of vegetable, chicken, rice, etc.

We ordered The Original with a side of vegetables. Collected our orders in like ten minutes and headed to the park to enjoy.
Store front
The Original - jasmine white rice and combination chicken breast, thigh, etc

The rice was seasoned and looked a bit tan. Certain part seemed to have a bit of fried onion but not greasy. I personally think the rice was a bit too salty but it compliment the chicken well. The chicken was completely boneless except for small piece of bone attached to chicken on hubby's order. The chicken was tender and flavorful even the breast meat portion. The sauce that came with it was amazing. It had a combination of tangy, sweet, salty and a bit garlicky. It's too bad I didn't get to use it much because the rice was already pretty salty.

Rooster and Rice
2211 Filbert St, San Francisco, CA 94123