Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Tofu Plus - Cupertino

Side dish display outside restaurant. I feel like being cheated because the real side dishes didn't look like that
Located in the shopping mall of Cupertino Village where parking could be a nightmare on weekends. I have heard about this Korean restaurant but didn't have an occasion to go all the way there to check it out. Last weekend a friend suggested that we met up there for dinner. This was Saturday night so I was a bit reluctant knowing how messy parking could be over there. But, surprisingly it was not too bad. We got a spot within minutes of arriving. Must be the rain that deter everyone from coming out.

In general most restaurants were kinda slow. But Tofu Plus was busy that night maybe because it's relatively new and people were still curious. We waited for about 15 minutes and the wait line spilled out the restaurant. So I was standing with my umbrella outside just to cover myself from the drizzling rain. That's when I took pictures of those fake wax dishes.

There were display outside the restaurant that features fake wax dishes offered. This display is normally used at Japanese restaurant to show case their dishes. Tofu Plus even made note that they served 12 types of ban chan (side dishes) for every customer. Typically most Korean restaurant serve around 5-6 types of ban chan. So I was curious. I guess most people were too.
These are our side dishes

We went through the menu and ordered yuk gae jang (shredded beef soup) with king dumpling. We also got a seafood pancake (haemul pajeon), mushroom tofu stew (soon dobu) and LA galbi. I noticed they offered a varieties of soon dobu and also a few noodle dishes on their special.

Now come the side dishes. We got typical ban chan like japchae, napa cabbage kimchee, daikon kimchee, spicy cucumber, stew potato and bean sprout. The not so typical ones were broccoli, apple with mayo, green bean, tangy seaweed and anchovy, The ban chan though a lot more varieties but they were so so only. Nothing too special. The napa cabbage kimchee, daikon, cucumber and tangy seaweed were not bad. The rest I could live without.
Shredded beef soup with king dumpling

I noticed the napa cabbage kimchee and the daikon kimchee were both cut very small pieces. Way smaller than normal bite size. I know that normally the napa cabbage kimchee could get pretty big so it makes sense to cut is smaller. But daikon kimchee is normally bite size but at Tofu Plus, bite size was even smaller. Maybe they tried to make it easier to bite ? Or maybe they tried to create an illusion that there were more pieces on the bowl ?

Nothing were too special out of all the dishes we ordered. The LA galbi was a bit too sweet for me. The seafood pancake tasted a bit too mushy and not enough green onion and seafood. I guess the tofu stew was not bad had it was made spicier. Yuk gae jang with king dumpling was okay. It's not something I would miss.

I don't think we would go back again.

Tofu Plus
10971 N Wolfe Rd, Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 777-0900