Saturday, December 17, 2016

Alexander's Steak House - Cupertino

This year's company holiday dinner was held at Alexander's steak house in Cupertino. The restaurant has moved from the Vallco mall location to the new Main St at Cupertino facing Stevens Creek Blvd.

I was going to order the fillet mignon but another coworker asked if anyone wanted to share with her. I thought why not and asked her what she had on mind. She wanted to try surf and turf and I thought that was a better idea. So we agreed on that.

The bread selection was fantastic. Most of the restaurants I went to only serve plain bread but Alexander's actually served different types of bread from regular bread to mini onion cheese croissant and herb ciabatta (?). We couldn't help but asked for seconds.

Before our appetizers were served, we were brought a complimentary appetite opener. It was served on a serving spoon and it was made of goat cheese among other things which I couldn't quite decipher. The inside portion of it was a bit crunchy like grape (?). So it was savory as I started but as I bit and chewed the last part it was actually a bit burst of sweetness and crunchiness.
Complimentary appetite opener made of goat cheese among other things

For appetizers we shared scallop and pork belly and popcorn crab. The platter of scallop and pork belly consisted of 2 large scallop seared to perfection with the braised pork belly in the middle. Those two were the main actors and then surrounded by some chanterelle mushroom and huckleberry sauce. I guess we were supposed to enjoy the salty scallop with the sweet huckleberry sauce. But I gobbled down my scallop and pork belly before I explored the rest of the plate. Too late.
Scallop and pork belly

The popcorn crab was just like the name. It was crab meat dipped in a light tempura like batter. It was seasoned lightly but as I chewed I could taste the sweetness of the crab. The popcorn was served with sriracha aioli but I didn't try it with the sauce because it was all good by itself.

Then came the main course. I was glad that I decided to share the surf and turf. It was a combination of 12oz dry aged New York with a Maine lobster. So even after I shared the steak it was still 6 oz of meat. I felt it was more than enough meat for me and combined with the lobster it was very filling. I can't comment much of the steak. It was good and well seasoned. The lobster tail was very creamy and it tasted like it had some sort of chopped pepper to give that bit of crunch as I bit down on the creamy texture.
Surf and turf : 12 oz dry aged New York and Maine lobster

For sides we shared truffle fries, asparagus, mushroom and mac and cheese. The fries were cut thin so it was more crispy than normal fries. I have never tasted truffle before so I didn't quite know what to expect but I also didn't taste anything different. But I was a bit under the weather so my taste buds were very blunt.

The mac and cheese was okay for me. I didn't find it very special. The mushroom was nice combination to the steak. The asparagus supposedly came with shredded king crab which I didn't taste but it was cooked to perfection. I also tasted some lemony flavor which I thought came from some sort of lemon zest (?).
side dish : asparagus with king crab and lemony sauce

By the end of our meal we were all stuffed and was ready to call it a night. We did look through the dessert menu which offered a selection of sweet dessert, sweet wine, cheese platter, etc.

But even though we decided to pass on dessert, we were still served complimentary dessert consisted of mini macaroons and eggnog candies. They looked so pretty. And on top of that we were also served a banana flavor cotton candy. All of us were like kids at fun fair picking on the cotton candy.
side dish : mac and cheese and mushroom

This place is probably not one that you wanted to frequent every week but it's a great place for that special dinner with the special someone. Our server explained all the specials before we placed our orders. He also gave us lots of chances to ask questions regarding the menu. And I noticed that the servers that brought out the appetizers were acting as if on cue and simultaneously placed the plates on our table. Very amusing.

Alexander's Steak House
19379 Stevens Creek Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 446-2222