Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Revisited (again) : Hakka Restaurant - San Francisco

Braised pork belly with preserved mustard green (mei cai gou rou)
This is our third time at this restaurant. We've taken friend from out of town and this time we brought another set of friends. I was glad that they were open because it was Dec 26th and some restaurant closed for a few days.

We got there almost 1 pm and the restaurant wasn't too busy. The customers looked like local people taking lunch break. We got a table close to the door. The menus were brought out. I like their picture menus. Everything looked so delicious.

I ordered a few things that I know they're good at like the Hakka special braised pork belly with preserved mustard green (mei cai gou rou), pumpkin with salted egg, and salt and pepper pork ribs. Then our friend wanted to order honey walnut prawn and we added a seafood tofu soup and stir fry garlic green bean.
Honey walnut prawn

The seafood tofu soup was a bit different from my expectation. It came out a bit thicker but tasted very homely. Not at all MSG laden like some other restaurant. The honey walnut prawn though in my opinion was more like a fusion dish was pretty good here. The prawns were decent size and the sauce was not overly sweet. The stir fry green bean was like usual very satisfying. I have never quite figured out how the restaurant could get the beans so crunchy and yet not overly cooking it.
Salt pepper pork ribs

Everything we ordered were so good. There were six of us and cleaned out everything. We even asked for additional steam rice. Everyone was so full by the time we were out from the restaurant. The total bill I think came to about $82 before tips.

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Hakka Restaurant - San Francisco

Revisited : Hakka Restaurant - San Francisco

Hakka Restaurant
4401 Cabrillo St
San Francisco, CA 94121
415 876 6898