Sunday, February 19, 2017

Ipoh Garden - Millbrae

Char kway teow - stir fry rice noodle on a stainless steel serving wok
Found this restaurant when searching for new Malaysian restaurant in the Bay Area. So on the way back from San Francisco we decided to give it a try.

It is located next to Millbrae station. Coming from Hwy 101 take the Millbrae exit and after you passed Millbrae station make a right turn onto El Camino and the restaurant will be on the right hand side almost immediately.

Street parking is available or try using the City of Millbrae lot just behind the restaurant (look for sign). Do not use the lot next to the restaurant because that one belongs to another diner.

It was on Sunday afternoon around 1 pm and the restaurant wasn't too busy. We placed our orders of char kway teow (stir fry rice noodle), mee siam and Singapore chili tofu. Then we sat around taking in the decor of the restaurant. It's pretty spacious inside with bright cheerful walls and murals of some famous Penang Street Art. Tables and chairs were light stain wood.

The food took a while to come out. And the restaurant wasn't even very busy then. I could only imagine the wait time during peak hours.

The first order that came out was the char kway teow. Smelled just awesome like a good char kway teow should be. Smoky. The kway teow was dark with 3 decent size prawns, a few pieces of squid and some bean sprouts and pieces of chives. We suspected that this maybe Ipoh style char kway teow.
Mee siam - stir fry vermicelli with half hard boiled egg and sliced of lemon

The Singapore chili tofu was pretty much a tofu version of the famous Singapore chili crab dish. So the soft tofu which was deep fried to golden brown and then served with fragrant sweet and salty sauce.
Singapore chili tofu

And finally we got our mee siam. Mee siam was basically stir fry vermicelli with dried tofu, bean sprout and chicken and crushed peanuts. This dish reminded me of a similar Thai dish called pad woon sen. I love stir fry vermicelli so this one was great.

Looking back to my other posting about another Malaysian restaurant in San Jose area I realized that they beared the same name. Check out my posting about the San Jose Ipoh Garden. And the dishes were sort of similar as well. Was it just coincidence ?

Ipoh Garden
100 El Camino Real, Millbrae, CA 94030
Phone: (650) 652-9588