Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shanghai Flavor Shop - Sunnyvale

fried pork bun
A friend referred us to this restaurant. She said make sure to try the fried pork bun and the green onion noodle. So with that recommendation in mind we went to check out the restaurant.

They close at 3 pm on Saturday. We got there after 2 pm and was still busy. There were 2 people by the door which I first thought were waiting for order pick up. But then I realized that they were waiting for a table. The boss behind the counter didn't greet us or said anything. I saw a sign on sheet so I decided to just put our name on it.

Just a few minutes waiting the other 2 people got a table. And only then I noticed that there was another empty table. I waited for one of the ladies waiter to make eye contact and signaled to her that we wanted a table for 2. While waiting for the table to be ready, there was a commotion between the lady boss and one of the lady waiter. Apparently one of the patrons were ready to pay but haven't received their bill yet. So lady boss was asking lady waiter what was the table number. Or more like lady boss was yelling at lady waiter for not being able to provide answer to the question. And there I was hoping that lady boss not going to yell at us for not able to order in Chinese.

Not long later we got our table and our menu. The menu has both Chinese and English translation. But the ordering sheet only has Chinese on it. With my limited Chinese I managed to order. I was glad that they have small menu.
Green onion noodle

It only took about ten or so minutes to get our order. The fried pork bun came out first. We got 6 medium size buns in an order. Though they looked like steam bao but this bao inside has broth like the xiao long bao. The dough has consistency like typical steam bao but the bottom was pan fried brown and crispy.

The green onion noodle came next. I was a bit skeptical when first looking at it. It looked like the Korean jajangmyun (black bean noodle). Boiled noodle with some black sauce on top. But as I was mixing it I could smell the fragrant of garlic. The pork itself was minimal. This by far was the best dish we ordered. It would have been better with more minced pork.
Pork chop over rice

The pork chop over rice was something that we decided last minute. It came out looking pretty appetizing with big slab of golden brown looking pork chop covering a plate of steam rice and boiled bok choy. What was disappointing was the pork chop itself wasn't seasoned at all. It was completely tasteless. It would have been better if it was seasoned well as the pork chop was thin, tender and crispy.

Total bill came out almost $25 before tips. All in all the food was decent and was high in carb. But it's not really our cup of tea. I don't think we will be back any time soon.

Shanghai Flavor Shop
8 Old San Francisco Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 738-3003