Monday, February 20, 2017

Tay Ho - Santa Clara

#11 Tay Ho special combo platter
Passing by the strip mall at the corner of El Camino and Scott I never knew that a new restaurant just opened up recently. So when I found out about it I thought we should give it a try.

The name sounded like another restaurant in San Jose which I think specialized almost the same thing. Maybe they are related ?

The strip mall where it is located wasn't exactly a well kept strip mall. The strip mall itself was a bit run down. Though some businesses there are doing okay like Kotetsu ramen, Smart & Final and Fedex store. But the restaurant was very nicely done. Modern looking with some single stool seating facing the parking area. Next to it were the booth seating with some built-in burners. I don't quite get the burners on the table with the hoods on top of tables. Are they doing bbq menu as well ?? I didn't see it on the menu though.

From the menu we decided to to try the Tay Ho special combination platter (#11), a combination pho noodle soup (#p12), a noodle dish with fried shrimp (#32).
#32 noodle dish with fried prawn

The highlight of our visit turned out to be the special combo platter of banh cuon (flour sheet dish). It was a combination of different types of flour sheet dishes which I had no clue the names were. There were some fried fritter - one orangey color and the other had mung bean. Then there were some plain rice sheet and the best ones were the roll that came with mince pork, wood ear and jicama. The dipping sauce was provided on a bottle on the table next to all the sauces. The dipping sauce tasted like combination of fish sauce, lime juice and sugar.
#p12 special pho with meat ball

The noodle dish came with a little bowl of reddish sweet spicy sauce that went well with the fried prawn. But I honestly think the tempura style prawn didn't quite go with the noodle. I had similar dish at another restaurant where the prawns were just marinated and pan fried. It absorbed more flavor that way.
Sauces tray with the bottle of dipping sauce

The worst thing was actually the pho. The broth was very plain and not flavorful at all. Maybe no MSG ? But the meat ball was awesome though.
Very nice customized napkin

Total bill came to $36 before tips. Don't order hot tea if you're not willing to pay $1.50 per person. The tea came in a nice tea cup with saucer and tea bag for each person. Hence the cost of $1.50. Unlike some other pho joints that give you free tea in a tea pot. We would go back just for the combo banh cuon platter (#11).

Tay Ho
2047 El Camino Real
Santa Clara, CA 95050
(408) 239-4748