Thursday, March 9, 2017

Orale Mex Grill - Campbell

Fish taco up close
The visit to this Mexican restaurant was completely unplanned. We happened to be in the Campbell area and was looking for some place to eat. It was pass 2 pm and some restaurants that we wanted to go were closing soon so we decided to go for somewhere closer. Hubby mentioned a fish taco place that he saw before. So there we went.

It's located on Winchester Boulevard on a stand alone lot with enough parking spots. It was pass lunch time so parking was easy. We were greeted warmly by the guy behind the register. Probably the owner ? He even suggested their special which was the 2 tacos breaded halibut with rice, salad and drink. We wanted a horchata drink so he added another $1 to our order. No problem. And we added another order of camarones a la diabla.

We went and got ourselves a table by the window. A few minutes later the same guy brought us our chips, salsa and drink. The salsa was pretty bland. Not spicy enough in my opinion.
Lunch special platter : fish taco, rice and salad

The fish tacos came out first on a big platter with rice on one side and salad on the other side. I have never had fish tacos before so I couldn't really compare this one to anything. But I could only say that I wasn't impressed. There was not much flavor on the fish tacos. It's too bad because fish normally absorb a lot of flavor.
Camarones a la diabla - prawn in spicy sauce

On the other side, the camarones a la diabla was well seasoned and pretty spicy. We were quite surprise with how spicy it was. The shrimps were decent size, probably around 30/40 in size.

All in all it was a decent meal. Probably not going back. I will try other place for fish taco to see how
they compare.

Orale Mex Grill
1750 S Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA 95008
Phone:(408) 370-7799