Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Airbnb apartment 5 minutes from Shin Osaka Station

Before deciding on Airbnb I did look into the hotel price. The Airbnb price was surprisingly lower than I expected. Especially with additional amenities like pocket wifi, it's almost a no brainer to pick Airbnb over regular hotel.

This Airbnb apartment was advertised as 5 minutes from Shin Osaka station. The direction provided was clear so we got to the place with no issue. Problem happened when we tried to get through the automatic glass door downstairs. As we were trying to figure out how to open it, a resident came out. So nonchalantly we walked in. Later on we found out that out of the two keys provided, one of them supposed to be used to open the "automatic" glass door. It did open automatically from inside.

The place was clean and just as pictured. Though I was ready to stay in a small apartment knowing that space is premium in Japan. But still I was surprised that our apartment was tiny compared to what I imagined. We didn't have room to open our suitcase in the bedroom so we left it in the hallway. But other than that we loved the location and proximity to the station.

This is the link to the Airbnb listing if anyone is interested to stay there as well. I received no credit nor any other compensation from anyone. :)
Bathroom - bathtub on the right hand side. The faucet for the shower is the same one for the sink.
Look into the bedroom from hallway
Bathtub - only half the normal bathtub size but way deeper.

Hallway - small kitchen and washer. Door on the left open to bathroom. Bedroom at end of hallway