Saturday, July 15, 2017

Do you need Osaka Eco Card ?

While researching for Japan, I came across some information about Osaka Amazing Pass. With Osaka Amazing Pass one could visit a lot of sight seeing places varies from museums, river cruises to gardens for free along with unlimited free rides on subways.

Since we were there more for the food and not much on sightseeing so I decided to go with Osaka Eco Card instead. Osaka Eco Card  allows one day (not 24 hour) unlimited rides on subway, new tram, and buses. To help you managed your trip, make sure to select subway option when looking up rides using Google maps.

Is it for you?
Plan your itinerary for a day and using Google maps make an estimate of how much you will spend on transportation. If you have a number of sight seeing locations that are further away from where you stay put them on the day you are using your card to make the most out of it.

For example on our first full day in Osaka we only spent time in Namba/Dotonbori area so we didn't use our card. The following day we went to Osaka Castle, Shinsekai, and Umeda area so we activated our card. Based on my estimate using Google maps if I use my Suica card or paying cash I would be spending JPY970. But since I'm using my Osaka Eco Card which I bought for JPY800 so I save JPY170.

It didn't seem like a lot of savings because we only went to 3 different places/area. But if you have more places planned for the day you would be able to save more. The Eco Card also gives you some discounts on certain shops and sightseeing spots. So you could be saving more $.

Where can I purchase it ?
At a ticket selling counter at any train station. We bought ours at Namba station just on the way out of exit 14. The staff at the counter speaks simple English. Just Google Osaka Eco Card and shows them the picture. He also gave us a pamphlet showing what types of discount and shops/places where we could get the discounts by showing the card.

Notes :
Osaka Eco Card is valid on Osaka municipal subway lines and not valid on JR lines. So make sure to use Google maps subway option. Please see the picture below.

Use subway option to help you plan the trip when using Osaka Eco Card.

Card showed date of activation after first use