Friday, July 28, 2017

Revisited : Yummy Tofu and BBQ

We first visited this restaurant around November last year. Both me and hubby liked their homey style. It's a small mom and pop restaurant run mostly by one lady and sometimes helped by her teenager daughter.

Last time we ordered their gamja jeongol (potato with pork neck bone stew) and really enjoyed it. And we noticed that they had a few more stews on the menu. Most Korean restaurants only serve popular dishes like bulgogi, korean bbq or tofu stew. But we like a more hearty stew though of course stews probably more suitable for winter. This time though we decided to try the seafood stew (haemul jeongol).

The stew was served on a hotpot sitting on a stove top. The pot was filled different kind of seafood like prawns, mussel, crab, mushroom, enoki, tofu and some sort of escargot. Look so yummy and I couldn't wait to dig in.
side dishes (ban chan)

The side dishes (banchan) were all good too. Hubby especially enjoyed the stew potato which was surprisingly tender without being mushy. He also liked the greens which I thought looked like a miniature chinese broccoli (gai lan). And then of course the typical banchan like napa kimchee, soy bean sprout, radish kimchee and jap chae (stir fry noodle).
spicy pork

Just to make sure that we'll have left over for lunch tomorrow we also ordered the spicy pork. Everything was yummy. The seafood stew had a lot of contents and we still had so much crab (which require some work) to bring home.

Yummy Tofu & BBQ
1310 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129
(408) 984-1898