Saturday, May 9, 2009

Congee Noodle King - Vancouver, Canada

Our last night in Vancouver, we visited this restaurant on Kingsway. When I read the take out menu I was a bit skeptical because it was sooo long. There were at least 500 items on the menu. Have you ever seen such an extensive menu ? And they all just a bit different, for instance, stir fry bok choy with chicken, next one with pork, next one with beef, next one with ostrich. See, even I could come up with 4 different dishes.

Anyhow, I was worry that the restaurant was going to be like the one we went to on Sunday night (Chong Qing). Since usually all those good Chinese restaurants are near China Town, plus when the restaurant was mentioned to my in-laws they sounded reluctant to go. They never heard of any good Chinese restaurant in that area. But when we arrived at the restaurant, I was pleasantly surprise that the place looked nice and bright and clean. I didn't have the chance to use the restroom but the place looked like it has been renovated.

Eggplant with spicy garlic. This dish turned out to be different from what I expected. Instead of mushy eggplant, the eggplant was actually battered up and deep fried then top with sauce. Good.
Thai style clam with vermicelli. I had a Thai vermicelli in the past with prawn and liked that. I thought this may be similar to that. It turned out to be different. For starter, the clam was a lot more than I expected. The vermicelli was a little only and down at the bottom all covered up by clams. Vermicelli was spicy but sweet at the same time. Clams were fresh. Nice. Fried rice noodle (kwe tiau) with beef. It's good and smoky. But it's more a chinese style and not Singaporean style which is usually a bit spicy. But it's still good nonetheless.
Fried rice with dry scallop. On first sniffed, I thought it was salted fish fried rice. It looked kinda pale, like they only used the white part of egg and not the egg yolk for the fried rice. On a closer look, I can see the shredded dry scallop on it. It's nice and not too oily. I guess they used pork fat. It had to be. I always try to do fried rice at home and it never turned out like the restaurant one.
Gai lan with oyster sauce. It's typical blanched gai lan and drizzled with oyster sauce. Green veggies and looked very appetizing. Not exactly special but we needed some fiber.
Fried silver fish with garlic. I looked forward to try this silver fish since my bro-in-law had been talking about it since morning. He and his wife went there before so they were quite familiar on what to order. The dish looks like a bunch of fries with fried garlic on top. But those 'fries' were actually battered silver fish. The silver fish itself is quite a small fish but the batter they used was light and airy. Very nice.
Fried pork ribs. The ribs were cut in smaller bite size pieces. Nicely deep fried
Wonton with spicy sauce. I expected their spicy sauce to be a combination of chilli oil, sesame oil and soy sauce. But I was nicely wrong. It turned out to be spicy peanut sauce. It tasted much like the Indonesian siomay that was sold by the street vendors.
I wish I could eat more but because a lot of the dishes were fried I tried to restrain myself from eating too much of it. I was still recovering from my cough and didn't want to go through all those cough medication again.
Congee Noodle King * 3313 Kingsway St, Vancouver * (604) 435-6670