Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Loy Krathong Festival - Fremont

This time we went to the Wat Buddhanusorn for the Loy Krathong Festival. This festival according to Wiki was most likely adopted from Hindu festival similar to Deepavali as thanksgiving to the deity of the Ganges with floating lanterns for giving life throughout the year. The temple has a little pond on its front yard. That's where they release the 'krathong'.In Thailand, the festival is usually done at night so the floating lanterns will be more pronounced.And after that of course, what kind of festival without food. So we went ahead and got some noodle soup. There was no name on the stall but I guess it's similar to tom yum noodle because they use minced pork and fried garlic. Seasoned it to taste and they're good to go.

I thought I saw Kao soy there, but when I went back to pick up one it wasn't. It's actually namya curry. What the heck, it's something different so I pick one up. This one seemed to be pretty plain. Just a few fish ball, julienned cabbage and sour pickle mustard. When we made it ourselves we also used hard boiled egg, basil and bean sprout.
When those two bowls were done. Hubby wanted another bowl of soup and he wanted yen ta foo. This one we knew the name because it was posted on the stall. :) Beside the pink color that was a bit unusual for us, it actually was very tasty. Of course, you have to season to taste. That's why fish sauce, vinegar, chilli paste and chilli powder were all provided on site.

And to complete the day, we took home papaya salad and some small cake with green onion that later on I found out was khanom krog. This khanom krog was made of flour and baked on little mold the diameter of 1.5 inches. Each was half round and they were served by putting on face to face to make it almost round. The middle flat portion contained coconut cream with a few green onion to taste. That's the interesting part. I totally didn't expect green onion on a little cake. The cake itself wasn't very sweet but the coconut cream gave a bit savory flavor. I loved it.