Monday, January 18, 2010

Albert Court Village Hotel - Singapore

This hotel didn't even show up on our itinerary until later on our trip. We thought that we would be happy enough with Fernloft that we would use it again on our last night in Singapore. Unfortunately we decided it's not worth the savings. We tried to look for another place but we were on 'borrowed' PC all the time (public use PC) that I didn't feel safe enough to do any reservation and put my credit card info on it. Our last resort was Transit Hotel at Changi Airport. It cost more but we were ready to just use it for 6 hours !
Man. Those were tough words there. Apparently nights of lack of sleep were easily forgotten when it comes to save a dime. Or was it because we thought we had gained back all our rest due to our 2 nights at Hong Vy 3. Or we were simply nuts ?

Anyhow, upon arriving at Changi we were trying to find the transit hotel. Hubby finally found one information counter with a very nice lady that explained to us that transit hotel - just like the name suggested - is in TRANSIT AREA !! So unless we were inside the terminal, we wouldn't be able to use it. Okay.. plan B. Another hotel closer to Changi Airport in case you didn't notice is Crowne Hotel Plaza. Looking at the hotel I knew that NO WAY it was going to cost like $80/night. Yet we inquired. ha..ha. It cost about $250/night but no, there was no room available. Wow.
But I wouldn't call her a nice lady had she not helped us found our hotel that night. In fact we learned something useful that night. That hotel information counter can actually help you reserve room with special discount. We didn't know that until the lady found us a room at Albert Court Hotel - a boutique hotel between Bugis and Orchard. We paid $80 for our room. No breakfast. But that's fine, we just needed a room to put our heads down on the pillow and had our bodies on a 600 count bed sheet. :)

The room was a bit small but with huge windows from floor to ceiling. Bed sheet was indeed 600 count (according to hubby). But the most interesting part was the shower. It's diameter was 9 inch hung from the ceiling and the water was like waterfall. It didn't feel like you were drowned in it because the shower didn't face you. It's like showering under rain fall. :) Nice.

Albert Court Village Hotel
180 Albert Street, Singapore