Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bolansa Dessert - Milpitas

It's not on our plan that day to check out a dessert place. But since we were high on chilli and mouth burning from killer tom yum soup (Thai Cafe next door) so we stopped by to grab a cool drink. The sound of mango, coconut milk and jelly all together drove me to pick this dessert. We walked in and placed the order. It wasn't cheap at $4.25 a pop. But I guess you need to charge that amount to run a business. The place wasn't busy with like 2 tables occupied but it was early evening.

We got our order in 5 minutes and walked back to our car to enjoy it. Outside weather was getting chilly from the strong breeze. Not exactly accomodating to enjoy cold dessert.

One sip into the dessert, I have reached heaven and back. It was SOOOO good. I was sure it wasn't the burning lips that made me said that. But the combination of sweet mango and rich creamy coconut milk just hit the spot. I'd say this beat Jamba Juice ten times. The jelly was soft and not too sweet. All in all they complement each other. With that price, it's hard to go too often but we'll be back.

I checked their website but the menu was still under construction. They do have quite an extensive menu.

Bolansa Dessert
680 Barber Lane
Milpitas, CA  (408) 433 3328